This Joint Venture is based on two principles. The first is to generate short and long term revenues for the Nation. The second, being equally important, is to help build capacity for TFN Members.

In many cases where there has been training dollars for First Nations, there haven’t been the jobs to implement the training. Through our Joint Venture, we are in a position to take advantage of the training dollars that are provided, get our Members jobs, and build capacity. Wales understands the importance of building the capacity of our Members to be in a position where they think about careers in the development sector and not just ‘the next job’. 

Right now, TFN’s resources are primarily land based, but over time it will become people based; our Members will form an important part of this company. They are going to grow it, lead it and one day run all of it, not just part of it.

TFN community

Initiatives & Investment

We are committed to supporting the community through sponsorship, donations, and community-based events. Connecting with and supporting members is an important function of our Joint Venture company.