TFN/Wales McLelland

Construction Joint Venture


Focusing on commercial development,

while respecting the culture and community

TFNWM's Joint Venture In Construction

The Tsawwassen First Nation/Wales McLelland Construction Joint Venture (TFNWM) provides many benefits for the parties involved; business revenues, enhanced capacity for the Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN) Members, and Member pride and recognition in a sustainable TFN-owned business.  The Joint Venture company will flow revenues to help build capacity of Members and services as well as generate revenues to TFN Government.  Through this partnership and TFNWM’s mandate to encourage the participation of TFN Members and their businesses in the Joint Venture’s activities, we hope to increase TFN Member capacity and participation in the community.

Through the cultivation of our client relationships, securing additional large prospects, and providing project diversification, we are confident that TFNWM will become a sustainable business.  With the resources of TFN as a Joint Venture partner, Wales is motivated to grow TFNWM to achieve both short and long term goals and generate revenue to build more projects.  This, in turn, means that the Tsawwassen First Nation can create a sustainable construction business that will one day be wholly owned and operated by its Members.

About Us

TFNWM is focused on the collaborative benefits of commercial development while respecting the culture and the community that offers this opportunity.  This collaboration provides a broad set of benefits, including: business revenues, enhanced TFN Member capacity, a majority-owned TFN company, and pride of ownership.